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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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from inside the capitol. we join you live with the confusion and frustration. that lock down has been lifted. things are pretty much back to normal here at the capitol. i was able to speak to people inside during the lock down. they say there was confusion and frustration. many were here in town to see the cherry blossoms and ended up with a very difference experience. this video shows what it was like for tourists inside the u.s. capitol when it was put on lock down. vicky penshaw and her husband were in town from la to see the cherry blossoms. they were taking a tour inside the capitol when a man outside took his own life. >> we weren't alarmed but we were concerned. >> reporter: a man without saying a word pulled out a gun and fired. she and her niece took photos
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and video as they were leaving through a tunnel. >> we understand that the government was actually doing its job and we appreciated that. >> reporter: police were investigating who the man was and what may have driven him to shoot himself in front of countless witnesses. the only clue a sign he was wearing that red something about taxes and 1%. he had a backpack. >> he was obviously not in a stable mind. to take his own life he could have very easily made a statement and took out other people and thank god he didn't. >> reporter: elizabeth hayes and her boyfriend were visiting from pittsburgh. they were kept nts for hours. >> there was so uneasiness going on. people didn't know what was happening. people missing flights. >> frustrating and at a certain point i just wanted to leave. >> reporter: now i was able to confirm tonight that dc police are handling this death investigation. i checked in with them. so far they have not released
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the name of the man who died here this afternoon. back to you, chris. >> thanks darcy. we will have the latest updates for you tomorrow morning on news 4 today. just coming in we have learned the director of the dc lottery died today from an aneurysm. he has been the lottery director since 2009 and his voice was heard on dc lottery commercials. rugo was 65 years old. also developing tonight, a toddler has been hit and killed in prince georges county. the child was 2 years old. the accident happened in the capitol heights area. it's not clear if the toddler was in the street or the driveway of a home. look for new details tomorrow morning on news 4 today. new at 11:00, a woman was violently kidnapped in northern
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virginia and has been found. this man is her alleged abductor and he is still out there. the woman is 25 years old and right now she is receiving medical attention. prince william county police tell us her ex-boyfriend broke into her apartment, cut her roommate and forced his way into her bedroom. he pulled a gun and forced her to go with him. when students go back to bouy high school grieve counselors will be there to help them cope with the loss of a classmate. he was on board this bus when he said he was in pain and then he just stopped breathing. the driver pulled into a gas station and called 911 and people on the bus performed cpr until help arrived. he died at the hospital and the medical examiner will have to determine the exact cause. students were coming back from
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an rotc trip to south carolina. >> and power outage. the wires fell near central avenue and some people in the keterring area sauz the power go out for a few hours. crews got it back restored within the last hour. we're hoping to learn the identity of a man who was pulled out of the potomac river. harbor patrol fire rescue responded. they pulled the man's body out of the water. police don't yet know how he ended up there. that's new dash cam audio of north charleston police officer michael slager moments after he shot and killed walter scott.
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a second officer tells him to write down his thoughts. slager appears to laugh and says it is pumpy. hundreds filled the church in south carolina for the funeral remembering scott as a christian. slager pulled him over for a busted taillight and scott took off running. slager has been charged with murder. it was an historic day in panama where a decades long standstill came to an end. president obama sat down with raul castro, the president of cuba. this marks the first meeting between leaders in more than 50 years. they sat down and acknowledged the history between the two leaders. both agreed that normalizing relations could take some time. she would be an excellent
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president. that is a direct quote about hillary clinton from her former bos boss president obama. we're just hours away from mrs. clinton's formal announcement. she will release a video announcement saying she will seek the democratic nomination for president. look for the official announcement tomorrow. fists fly as the cameras roll. a family fights police. find out how this brawl started and ended. a toddler finds himself in a cheetah exhibit at the zoo. the shocking way he ended up there. lows tonight in the 30s and 40s with some frost in
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well this new video is getting a lot of attention on our facebook page. it shows a deadly brawl at walmart that happened back in march in arizona but police just released the video. it started when someone assaulted an employee and both sides were throwing punches. police killed a man who allegedly grabbed an officer's leg and shot him in the leg. police used batons tasers and pepper spray to get the situation under control. six of the officers involved are back on duty. a toddler fell into the chee that exhibit at the zoo today. now we're learning that his own mother may have dangled him over the pit. the little boy is only two years old. he fell 12 feet into the pit but
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the animals ignored him and his parents managed to pull him out safely. zoo officials say the boy's mother was dangling him over the exhibit and when she lost her grib he fell. charges are likely coming. >> a quadriplegic abandoned in the woods. who police say abandoned him. >> the temperatures will begin in the 30s and 40
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police say he was all alone
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deep in the woods. officers found a quadriplegic man lying in a pile of leaves with nothing but a blanket and a bible. officials say his own mother left him there. this all happened near philadelphia but the story has a connection to our area. police have issued an arrest warrant for the mom who is believed to be in montgomery county maryland. >> this popular west philly park sits right next to the crime scene yet for five days people came here oblivious to the quadriplegic man stuck in the woods. police say he was abandoned by his own mother. >> for a mother to throw him over like tl like that somebody need to throw her over there and leave her there with no food water or nothing. >> reporter: the victim who also had cerebral palsy, was left to die. >> it's heartbreaking to see
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that a mother could treat someone like that. >> reporter: police say his mother gave him a bible and a blanket, pushed his wheelchair into the woods and then fled. >> obviously he's in the middle of a wooded area, wild animals. this kid cannot defend himself. he does not function at all. >> reporter: were it not for a good samaritan who stumbled across the man, police say he would be dead. detectives in maryland are tracking down his mom. late tonight police issued an arrest warrant while her neighbors ask the obvious question. why not just reach out for help. >> if you can't take care of your child, then you need to give your child to somebody who can care for them the proper way. >> reporter: detectives tell us the victim is a fighter and he has family members inside the hospital helping him recover. as for his mother they hope to bring her back here to face a
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long list of charges. >> just an amazingly horrible story. you have got to hope the young man recovers soon. dc mayor kicked off a health initiative today by kickingwalking through her homeward as part of a campaign promise to lead the city to a healthier lifestyle. residents also got tips about healthier eating. >> you can see them in their t shirts and sweat pants. beautiful day. tomorrow's better? >> tomorrow is better. we will lose the winds tomorrow. temperatures a smij warmer. >> but first. >> there's a but. it is going to be cold tonight with clear skies and dry area place. this now includes all of montgomery county fairfax
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county. all of the counties there in blue. the frost advisory begins at 2:00 a.m. and it will run until 9:00 a.m. you want to cover them bring them indoors. what it also indicates? it's going to be chilly tomorrow morning. temperatures right now are in the 50s and they will continue to drop overnight tonight. 56 is the temperature in washington. 43 in frederick. here's what you can expect tomorrow morning in your neighborhood. washington cools to 43. elsewhere, chillier. 38 for those of you in freddicsburg. the temperatures are going to warm up quickly. by 8:00 a.m. you already go back back. beautiful sunshine. light winds.
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70 in washington. cooler this year because of the water. tomorrow evening great for grilling. 6:00 p.m. still mild with the temperature around 68 degrees. 8:00 we will cool quickly with cool skies. no frost concerns tomorrow night. temperature at 8:00 around 61 degrees. school day forecast on monday. breezy absolutely beautiful. high temperatures on monday will be around 75 degrees. notice showers are already in place. this could slow that tuesday morning commute. we will continue to track the chance of showers for the morning hours. once we start to hid the midday hours, rain will start to pull away from the area.
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we will dry out during the afternoon hours and some limited sunshine will come out for tuesday during the late afternoon and evening hours. a high temperature of 71. wednesday, plenty of sun. a high of 68. tomorrow not a bad day. you will be dealing with some rain on tuesday. thursday a high temperature of 67. the chance of some showers in the forecast. a high temperature near 70. and the chance of some rain. chris, tomorrow i'm going golfing. >> you normally got us raking leaves or doing some yard work. >> you don't have to do yard work or rake leaves. you can do something fun. >> she's always got our outdoors jobs forecast coming for us. >> amelia talked about it. it's been a perfect day to see the cherry blossoms. and if you try to get around the district and you know just how many people had that very same idea.
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huge crowds. man, driving into the city from virginia is tough. backed up on all the bridges took it in stride. it is the spirit of the festival. >> the cherry blossom springtime. >> the cherry blossom festival officially crosses to the river festival but of course you can see them monday and tuesday when the crowds will be a little less. and
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already with this amazing starting rotation that we have lined up we have got to hope the bull pen's not going be a problem. >> the bull pen, the starting pitching is good to go. it's going to be tough to watch for nationals fans. runs have been hard to come by. that's exactly why playing clean, smart error free defense is so important. another really good pitching performance gets thrown down the tubes. the nationals dropped their second performance on the season. fast and efficient. brice harper is up throwing and
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the relay throw is on time. we're still scoreless. the buffalo at the dish. wilson showing off the panel taking coal hammels opposite field. they get another run in the eighth. it's a 2-0 game. but the phillies they did come back to score two in the bottom of the frame to tie it up. we go to extra innings. now coming out of the bull pen. gets the better of him. that is your game-winning rbi. the phils beat the nats in extra. 3-2 your final. in baltimore, the oriels have a shut out. >> to the ice now, the capitols still had something to play for. the first round of their play
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off match-up. that win didn't happen. thankfully the islanders didn't lose tonight. last regular season game nicholas backstrum honored. both previously held by peter. watch it again. he back hands the puck in midair. new york is up. derek brossard makes it 2-0. on the power play now. scoring his 25th power play goal this season. that's a new career high. 53 goals on the year.
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the caps always doing the home finale giving their jerseys to fans. now they turn their attention to the islanders. the two teams split the regular season series. >> we had good games against them. they have got a good team obviously. they play well. we match up well. excited to be in and excited to play against them. to the pitch. dc united hosting new york. early on united with the corner kick and watch the elevation. he had himself a game. later on in the 66th minute puts dc united up 2-0. new york did come back to tie it up. 2-2 the final. united unbeaten in 14 straight games at rfk stadium. a good weekend of golf taking place at augusta.
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tiger woods, phil mickelson, third round was the best that we have seen from tiger woods in a long time. he came in at minus two in the tournament. he buried three of his first four holes. tiger, he had the putter working today. ten shots off the leader. over to lefty. phil hasn't shot back to back rounds since 2012. your leader only 21 years old. here he is on the 18th hole. at one point he was minus 18 for the tournament but that double boegy brought him back to minus
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16. four strokes behind. should be a good round tomorrow. final round of the masters at augusta. >> how would you like to be 12 up? at the barkley center lamont peterson taking on danny garcia. two jr. welter weights. this was a very close fight but in the end, the majority decision went to danny .
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you're finally going to announce that you're running for president. >> oh, my gosh. i don't know if i


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